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Image Window Washing has been cleaning windows since 1991. We offer not only window cleaning, but also gutter cleaning, pressure washing, anything from driveways and patios to house exteriors and tile roofs. Image Window Washing also provides roof cleaning with moss control if needed and Christmas light installation. Any service we perform is done in a meticulous, detailed and thorough manner. No job is ever finished until you the customer are completely satisfied.

When cleaning windows, we always use the most recent, top-of-the-line supplies. Before a window is ever cleaned, we first make sure to remove any paint or other contaminants to create the smoothest surface possible. Once that is accomplished, the window is ready to be cleaned. To be complete, we also wipe down the window frame, whether it’s vinyl or aluminum, inside or out.

Christmas light installation is becoming more popular each year. Current customers provide and store their own lights. When installing them, if they are a C7 or a C9 bulb, we put each individual light into its own clip to ensure that they stay straight with each other and look uniform. Whether they are on a gutter or a roof peak, we get them as straight as possible.